Fri. Dec 1st, 2023

(生命延續) 助養計劃

(生命延續) 助養計劃



Not due to famine, not to war – yet these children are dying all the same.
The same disease, the same problem – yet death only befalls these unfortunate children.
These children suffer from the same disease, thalassaemia; they also need to get blood transfusion every month and remove the excess iron from their
bodies every day.
While in Hong Kong, thalassaemia children can expect a fulfilling life (some even become doctors, nurses, lawyers or other professionals to whom the sky is their limit), their counterparts in Mainland China could only helplessly let their young life slip away.
The medical expenses, whether in blood transfusion or iron removal treatment, are horrific in Mainland China. It is unaffordable to ordinary
families and therefore many parents can only silently and helplessly watch their children pass away. Without medical help, the young patients are tortured by the disease and die in pains. Such are unnecessary pains indeed!
The Association for Thalassaemia Children was founded in December, 2009. It aims at helping the severe thalassemia children by providing medical care and treatment support. It also provides counseling and health education to these children and their parents so that they can face the disease with a positive attitude. We have been trying to keep administrative expenses to its minimum. Therefore the money donors give will be largely spent on the patients and their families.
Please do offer your help to save lives!

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